Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Bill Bird Shoes. Our aim is for you to be entirely happy with your new footwear. We urge our clients to provide honest feedback at the earliest opportunity so that we can ensure the best fit and finish possible.

Whether this is your first enquiry or we have made shoes for you before, this document will give you an idea of the service you can expect from Bill Bird Shoes. Please read all the information enclosed, as this will form part of the agreement for an order for footwear.

Bespoke shoemakers

There are few shoemakers left in the UK who have the skills required to manufacture footwear for people with fitting or walking difficulties.

As bespoke shoemakers, we design all our footwear to our clients’ requirements and as such we do not have a catalogue of styles to choose from. Please visit our website at www.billbird.co.uk for inspiration.

Deposits, cancellations and refunds

Every client will be provided with a financial record card that details dates, amounts and method of payments.

Clients are asked to pay for their lasts in advance. The cost of the last (or the initial deposit in the case of a repeat pair) is non-refundable. Further payment deposits are required when each stage is completed.

Great care and attention is required to make sure your shoes or boots fit correctly. However, there are occasions when, despite our best efforts, the finished footwear is not to our client’s complete satisfaction.

We do have a refund policy but given the nature of the work, we ask clients to persist in the adjustment process until it becomes apparent that we are not gong to be able to reach a satisfactory product.

When assessing clients for their footwear, we always try to be positive about what the shoes can do for their mobility and wellbeing. However, there is no guarantee that the shoes alone will provide all the answers.

If at any time a client wishes to cancel their order before completion, we ask for payment for any work completed to that date. All footwear orders are accepted on the understanding that deposits, interim payments and balances cannot be returned once work on an order has commenced.

We are therefore only able to offer refunds in exceptional circumstances where it is clear the fault lies in the manufacturing not the design of the footwear. This is because there are often other issues that affect the functionality of the feet, or that the client has more complex foot, gait or pain issues that cannot be solved through footwear alone.

Clients are asked to bear in mind that we cannot prescribe or diagnose medical conditions.


All our footwear is designed at the time of ordering and consideration is always given to the suitability of the style for people with problem feet.

On occasion, we may suggest that a style of shoe – in particular ladies’ court shoes – may be more difficult to make due to the nature of any foot problems or construction methods.

If a style is chosen that we feel is inappropriate or will be more difficult to complete satisfactorily, we will insist the order is accepted solely at the client’s own risk and we will ask that a form is signed to that effect.

Payment schedules

All payments must be made as they become due, as set out in the footwear order. We will consider any request to review the payment options if there is difficulty meeting the payment options.

Delivery dates

We are happy to provide approximate delivery dates but please be aware that we may need to amend these at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Delivery charges

We use Royal Mail as our main carrier and any costs are invoiced to clients as they occur. If a client wishes to use another delivery method, please let us know. A charge will be made for any extra fees incurred.

Storage and use of lasts

Lasts are stored safely at our workshop for as long as clients wish to remain customers. We are required to insure them as clients’ own property and the cost of this insurance is included with the first order as a one-off charge.

Clients may take their lasts home with them but any damage or alterations required for subsequent shoes made by us will incur a charge.

We advise our clients not to allow their lasts to be used by NHS contracted suppliers as they use different construction methods that can require making significant changes to the lasts. This can result in significant alterations and costs if the client then returns to have shoes made by us.

Storage is £20 a year for clients without work in progress. If clients would prefer their lasts sent to them for safekeeping, we are happy to post them out. We make a standard charge of £20 to cover the cost of signed-for postage with Royal Mail. Again, if a client wishes to use another delivery method, please let us know. A charge will be made for any extra fees incurred.

We hope you will be delighted with your footwear from Bill Bird Shoes. If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please contact us and we will be happy to chat them through with you.