Our prices

Free initial consultation

New clients are welcome to visit our team of bespoke orthopaedic shoemakers at our workshop in the Cotswold’s or in central London for a free 15-minute initial consultation. This allows us to take a look at your feet and let you know how we can help you. It also gives you the chance to meet us, chat through any concerns you may have and find out about our shoe-making process.

Our prices

The prices for both men and women are;

Lasts: £660 (+VAT) a once only cost

Shoes: starting from £1,969 (+VAT)

Computer Gait Analysis (optional): £300 (+ VAT) includes both initial and final assessments

The above prices are all subject to VAT @ 20% unless you qualify for exemption.

Why do we cost so much less?

Although our prices seem very high to those who have never had shoes made before, we are half the price of many of our competitors. This is because we pay much less for our overheads because we are not in the centre of a city. We are also a small dedicated team who have worked well together for years, so we have very little staff turnover. Our shoes and service are equal if not superior to footwear that is twice the price.

Spread the cost

Handmade shoes may seem expensive at first, particularly when compared to the average cost of shop-bought shoes. The real difference comes in the level of comfort we can give you. Many people who suffer in their usual footwear find they can wear their made-to-measure shoes every day, often all day without the stress they normally experience. Even so, we realise it is a lot of money to spend on something you may never have tried before so have made it easier for you to buy your shoes by spreading the payment into instalments over the time it takes to make your shoes.

1st payment: the cost of the last (non-refundable)

2nd payment: £500

3rd payment: £500

4th payment: the outstanding balance

Get in touch

We very much look forward to meeting you. To arrange this, please email us at billbird.shoes@btinternet.com or call 01386 700855.