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Our mighty oak is in a sorry state

Before and after of the oak outside Bill Bird Shoes' Cotwolds workshop
Anyone who has visited in Bill Bird Shoes’ workshop in the Cotswolds cannot have missed seeing and admiring the huge oak tree which overshadowed number 49.
Bill Bird Shoes nissan hut

When Bill took on the unit in 1988, the oak tree was already there, but, as you can see from the black and white picture, it wasn’t much higher than the Nissan Hut itself.

In those early years, the heat on a warm summer day made the hut unbearably warm. As the years progressed, the welcome shade of our oak tree kept us cool and protected.

Over the years it has grown to be a huge and we thought a healthy specimen.

Last year however was an acorn mast year and our oak tree was prolific! So much so, that the massive weight of the acorns began to tear the four great branches apart.

Then with the winds over Christmas, these same cracks began to open up so that we could see daylight through them.
Oat at Bill Bird Shoes workshop Blockley

We called in the tree surgeon and he agreed that the Nissan hut itself was in grave danger of being crushed as it wasn’t a case of if, but when one of the great branches came down.

So, with a heavy heart and a sense of real urgency, our beautiful tree has been pollarded to below the cracks.

Our plan, should it put out shoots, is to trim off all but the most upright and to keep trimming away all shoots but that one.

That way we hope to have a tall, single trunked tree rather than the four branches that we had before.

So, a sorry sight for now, but we hope it’s not the end of our lovely tree!