Made-to-measure shoes for swollen feet


Derby Ankle Boots for Haglan's Heel Bump
Haglan’s Bump is a very sensitive bump on the back of the heel that can become very irritated by footwear. The bespoke sheomakers at Bill Bird Shoes in the Cotswolds and central London add volume to the last at the right place and cut the stiffener away where the bump is. This applies the pressure needed to hold the shoe on around the bump but not on top of it.


“Thank you for the beautiful shoes. They’re a perfect fit – probably life savers too.” J.T, Oxfordshire

At Bill Bird Shoes, we can fit any size and any shape of foot, no matter how large or how swollen.

Slip on velcro shoes for lymphodema

Boots for man with swollen ankles pair
These boots were made for a man with swollen ankles

This is because we carve individual lasts for our clients. Lasts represent the anatomical form of the foot and are totally unique to each client. Crafting lasts from scratch is the core of our business and the reason we have been so successful in achieving a fit where others have been unable to do so.

There are a variety of reason why we get swollen feet and ankles. Sometimes it is temporary but for some of us it is a permanent and very distressing condition.

If your feet are swollen to such an extent that you cannot find any shoes to fit, it can be a major impediment to leading a healthy, comfortable and fulfilling life.

Often, a swollen foot will change in size throughout the day. Many of our styles are designed to open out or close down without looking like they are pulled out of shape when extended.

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