“Thank you very much for making my sandals. I’m really pleased with them. It will make such a difference to have some pretty shoes to wear with summer dresses and as you said, the design is so clever, it draws the eye away from the misshapen foot.” W.H, Hungerford

At Bill Bird Shoes, we understand the problems associated with unusually shaped feet and ankles and are well equipped to help you. No matter what the shape of your foot, we can make you anything from a bespoke dress shoe to a made-to-measure fell boot.

Handmade shoes following a road traffic injury

These bespoke shoes were specially made for a lady who had been involved in a road traffic injury

Sometimes an unusual shape is difficult to hide. Through the use of well thought-out design and high quality materials, we can make footwear for you that will enable you to walk out with confidence once again.

You may be having problems finding shoes to fit. You may also have trouble walking smoothly and may be getting pressure sores from uneven contact with the ground or from your footwear.

By giving you full contact support on the rear-foot, together with adequate room for movement over your toes, we can ensure your comfort once more.

made to measure single strap monk shoes pair with appliqué red under punching

We have recently finished these made to measure single strap monk shoes with appliqué red under punching that are for a client with foot shape difficulties.

Bespoke lasts crafted to fit your feet

We make individual lasts for all of our clients. A last is the wooden form that shoes are made on. When we make you a pair of lasts, it is made to the exact requirements of your feet, both with respect to their shape and to the way you walk.

We use traditional methods to measure you as well as foot casting techniques, digital photography and detailed computer gait analysis to ensure that your lasts are as close a fit as possible.

Strap courts with platform and covered breasted heels for complex foot injuries

These strap court shoes with platform and covered breasted heels were handmade by the bespoke shoemakers at Bill Bird Shoes for a woman for complex foot injuries.

There are many reasons why people have unusually shaped feet including:

  • Road traffic injuries
  • Trauma
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Nerve damage
  • Congenital problems

Because we offer a one-to-one personal service we are happy to discuss your footwear needs on the phone and what the process involves before you decide to go ahead with an order. Please contact us today to find out how our shoemakers in the Midlands and central London can help.

Where to find us

The Cotswolds:

49 Northwick Business Centre
Moreton in Marsh
GL56 9RF
London (fortnightly) at:

Grey Flannel
7 Chiltern Street
London W1
For all enquiries and appointments

Phone: 01386 700855
Email: enquiries@billbird.co.uk
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