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We are always delighted when we receive testimonials about our handmade shoes. Midlands-based Bill Bird Shoes has clients from all over the UK who travel to our workshop in Gloucestershire or fitting room in London for their appointments.

Here are just a few of the reviews we have received:

I am writing very positively to say I wore my new shoes today and they were so comfortable  They are a beautifully made pair of shoes and my husband thinks they are very attractive.  It’s been a long journey for me to have these shoes made and I want to thank everyone involved in the process. If they feel as comfortable on the wedding day as they did this morning I will be very happy indeed. So thank you once again.” Alison



An extra ordinary pair of bespoke boots made by Bill Bird, Russell, Emily, Becks and Chris…magical experience….magical boots…from an eternally grateful pair of feet and their owner.” Cherie



Bill Bird Shoes has been a saviour for me. Without my boots I would not be able to do one of my favourite activities. My boots have taken me on walks in Britain, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Peru. They have been brilliant.” S.C, Bristol



Just a brief note to express my deep and sincere gratitude to you for the care and skilled attention you gave me.” K. H, Stafford



Thank you all so much for my wonderful shoes. I can’t help but keep admiring them – they’re brilliant and a dream come true. You are all stars.” S.G, Buckinghamshire



My shoes arrived as promised and I am enjoying footwear that is comfortable and smart. The expert care they represent is appreciated. Thank you.” G.D



Thank you so very much for the lovely pair of shoes you have just made for me. I really appreciate all the hard work and care and shall enjoy wearing them.” P. B, Moreton-in-Marsh



Thank you very much for making my sandals. I’m really pleased with them. It will make such a difference to have some pretty shoes to wear with summer dresses and as you said, the design is so clever, it draws the eye away from the mis-shapen foot. We just need some summer weather now.” W.H, Hungerford



Thank you for my lovely new shoes. They are so comfortable and an absolute joy to wear.” Millie



Just a note to thank you all very much for my lovely new ankle boots. I really appreciate how much work you have put into making them for me. We went out for a meal on Saturday and it was good to feel I was looking ‘normal’ amongst all the other women in their modern shoes. I didn’t have to put my handbag on the floor to hide my feet! I will be back in the summer to order another pair (or two!).” S.W, West Sussex



Just returned from my usual six mile walk in my new walking boots and would you believe I could go to a dance and dance all night – my feet are not bruised at all. Many thanks for making my feet feel 22 again.” M.F



Thank you all so much for your kind help in making my beautiful shoes.” M.D, Gloucestershire



Thank you so much for the most comfortable shoes – they have made a terrific difference to my life.” M.E, Gloucestershire



Just a little note to let you know how my shoes are working out. They are brilliant. I will be in touch very soon for an appointment for my dancing shoes.” J.H, Oxford



Thank you for all your expertise. Sheer magic.” P.C, Essex



Thank you for the beautiful shoes. They’re a perfect fit – probably life savers too.” J.T, Oxfordshire



Thank you so much for my shoes. They’re fantastic! I’ve tried them on, wandered around the house in them and they fit perfectly. They even look good with jeans. They will look great with my new outfit and it means I won’t be spending the evening dancing around in one shoe!” D.M



Thank you so much for making a fantastic pair of shoes for me. I can’t believe the difference they have made to my legs. I recently attended a wedding and managed to spend all day on my feet walking around without any discomfort at all. Something that I would not have been able to do in the past.” C.O



Thank you for my hand made pair of shoes, they are fantastic! It’s a wonderful thing all you guys do for people like me. I love my shoes.” Archie



I am scribing this note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me the most bang on shoes ever. They are the first comfortable pair of shoes I have worn since this whole episode in my life began four years ago. The majority of my time has been spent in sandals of one sort or another. But now being able to slip my foot into something as comfortable, looks so good, and mainly looking at it from the point of view of someone who is learning to walk again, there is the necessary support, making walking more like flowing.” S.K, Atherstone-on-Stour, near Stratford



My new shoes are such a pleasure to wear. A true test of their comfort came one day last week. I was on my feet for over 17 hours, walked over four miles on pavements, spent four and a half hours in the office, five hours in a seminar, four hours on trains and the rest propping up a bar. Never once did the shoes feel uncomfortable. Tow fellow travellers on the last train felt the need to remove their shoes! Many thanks for such a worthwhile investment.” C.K, Oxfordshire



 I am in the Lake District and I am walking everywhere, thanks to you. My boots are great and so comfortable that I can walk so much farther than I used to, so thank you once again.” B.W






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