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More national recognition for Bill Bird Shoes

Gloucestershire-based Bill Bird Shoes recently appeared in The Bulletin, a national magazine published by the British Polio Fellowship. Following its publication, we were really pleased to receive an email from one of its readers praising the work our skilled, bespoke shoemakers carry out.

I read the article on the Cordwainer in the New Year edition and was pleased to note that reference was made to Bill Bird Shoes. This is because that after my left ankle was rearranged in a car crash in 1990 I have used the services of Bill and his brilliant team to make all my boots.

Bill and his team have worked brilliantly with me over the years in producing not just the normal black leather boots but Desert Boots, Hiking Boots of both medium and high ankle support, a pair of tan boots that look like moccasins and the most comfortable pair of slippers that I can wear around the house safely without having to use my ankle support.

You are always met with open arms and tea or coffee, plus they have a resident cat and, if Russell has some of his menagerie with him that day, some very friendly dogs.

It is always a pleasure to visit Bill and his team in the knowledge that you will always get what you need from people who listen to what you need and produce fantastic footwear.

Gordon Kett

British Polio Fellowship Worthing & Sussex Branch

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