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Bill Bird Shoes catches up with a celebrity client

Bill Bird with David Graham - alias Parker, Grandpa Pig and Wise Old Elf - at Bill Bird Shoes' fitting room in Grey Flannel London

We were delighted to chat with our loyal client David Graham recently. David’s career in theatre, TV and film spans almost 60 years and today he is probably best known for providing the voice of Parker in Thunderbirds – both in the iconic TV series of the 60s and the recent film sequels – Grandpa Pig in the hugely popular children’s cartoon series Peppa Pig and the Wise Old Elf in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom series that regularly appears on Nick Jnr.

David Graham said: “I have the highest regard for Bill and his team. The quality of work is excellent.

“People who don’t know I have a foot problem would hardly be able to tell. Someone in the profession would notice but no-one else. I’ve had at least 15 pairs of shoes from Bill Bird and I usually see Bill in London at Grey Flannel where I buy my clothes.

“Bill has enabled me to walk with a handicap more or less normally. The quality of his work is excellent. I have nothing but praise for him. Bill is such a nice bloke and I’m glad he’s got such a marvellous team.

“I am very grateful to Bill that his shoes have allowed me to pursue a successful career without anyone being any the wiser.”

Read David’s full testimonial here.