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Bill Bird Shoes celebrate its 30th birthday – my oh my!

Bill Bird Shoes Unit 49 web

In March 1987 the idea of making handmade orthopaedic footwear privately for people with fitting problems went from a being a side-line to becoming a serious and viable project – and Bill Bird Shoes was born. Bill Bird has been interested in craftsmanship since he was small when his mother taught him to use a[…]

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Bespoke Midlands shoemaker crafts stunning wedding shoes

Lydia's wedding shoes handmade by Bill Bird, her father-in-law-to-be!

The team at Bill Bird Shoes in Gloucestershire make handmade shoes, mainly for people with problem feet. Recently a challenge was set: to make wedding shoes for Bill Bird’s son and daughter-in-law for their wedding in February 2017. In this blog, Bill talks through the process of making made-to-measure wedding shoes for Henry and Lydia.[…]