Bespoke shoes for leg length differences

Taupe Lace shoes for 25mm leg length discrepency


The team at Bill Bird Shoes in central London and the Midlands is skilled in accommodating leg length differences in sensitive ways using the lightest and highest quality materials on the market.

Having a bespoke shoe or boot specially made will ensure that corrections large or small can be achieved. We are experts at correcting leg length differences discreetly and elegantly without adding too much weight to your footwear.

If you would like to find out how we can help, please call our workshop in the Cotswolds on 01386 700855 or contact us by email.

There are many ways in which we can end up with leg length differences, such as:

  • Road traffic injuries
  • Trauma in childhood
  • Illnesses such as polio
  • Differential growth
  • Birth problems
  • Hip or knee replacements
  • Alterations

The simplest way to compensate with corrective footwear is to add extra lift to the heel height of one shoe. This can add up to 6mm or ¼ inch. The same amount can be removed from the heel of the other shoe. When combined, this could make a correction of 12mm or ½ inch.

Handmade laced Derby boots from Bill Bird's bespoke shoemakers for leg length discrepancy and lateral ankle weakness
Handmade laced Derby boots from Bill Bird’s bespoke shoemakers for leg length discrepancy and lateral ankle weakness

An insert can also be added inside the rear of the shoe. This can be up to 6mm or ¼ inch in thickness. If too much is added it can feel as if the shoe is slipping off of your foot.

By doing all three of the above, 18mm or ¾ inch of compensation can be achieved without drawing very much attention to the correction at all.

In a boot, even more correction can be built inside because the leg of the boot holds the foot securely even though it is raised up. This way, up to an inch of correction can sometimes be achieved without any change of appearance outside the boot.

When extra material is added under the sole, the heel can be built up even more. Sometimes corrections of 50mm or 2 inches can be achieved this way.